In the frail words of a former employee: Cleaning windows is hard!

Exterior Window/Frames


Not only does the glass dry away with a perfect sheen after rinsing, the water-fed pole/brush also cleans frames and areas surrounding glass. 

Prepare For Special Events


Whether you are selling your house, celebrating a graduation, hosting a party, or just want your home to feel cleaner, our technicians will brighten your view.

No Home Too Big or Small


We've cleaned 800 sq ft homes, and 8000 sq ft homes. We have the right equipment to service a condo or a mansion! Everyone deserves clean windows. 

Our Customers Love Us, and Visa Versa


Sometimes customers make us lunch. Sometimes they just hug us and sigh. Mostly, they just really like us.  



Booties and drop clothes are the name of the game. Our techs communicate with you directly for ETA, arrive in uniform, and will take the utmost care when moving items and working on ladders.

Mirrors and Chandeliers


Let your tech know of any add-ons you'd like. We clean sconces, mirrors, chandeliers, partition glass, bathroom glass, French doors, and more.