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High-Rise Window Cleaning

We’ve cleaned up to 70 stories and can go higher if you have a building in need of window cleaning maintenance. We are certified to work with swing stages, boom lifts, and to design and utilize rope descent/access systems.

Due to the heights involved, high rise window cleaning in Denver, Colorado requires careful planning and execution to ensure safety and the effective cleaning.

Here’s a detailed overview of the process:

Safety Precautions: Before any work begins, thorough safety assessments are conducted, and all necessary precautions are implemented. This includes securing the area below to prevent pedestrians from accessing the danger zone and ensuring that workers are equipped with appropriate safety gear such as harnesses, helmets, and safety ropes.

Equipment Setup: High-rise window cleaning often utilizes specialized equipment designed for work at height. This includes telescopic poles, scaffolding, or powered lifts such as cherry pickers or cradles. The type of equipment used depends on factors such as the height of the building, accessibility of the windows, and the specific needs of the cleaning job.

Surface Preparation: Before cleaning begins, the windows are assessed for stubborn stains, dirt, or debris. If necessary, preliminary steps may be taken to remove heavy dirt or grime using brushes or gentle scraping tools. This ensures that the cleaning solution can effectively penetrate and lift any remaining dirt during washing.

Cleaning Solution Application: A specially formulated cleaning solution is applied to the windows to dissolve dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Depending on the specific requirements and environmental considerations, different cleaning solutions may be used, ranging from eco-friendly detergents to specialized chemicals designed to remove hard water stains or mineral deposits.

Scrubbing and Agitation: Once the cleaning solution is applied, the windows are scrubbed using soft brushes or pads attached to extension poles. This helps to agitate the dirt and grime, loosening it from the surface of the glass for easier removal.

Rinsing and Squeegeeing: After scrubbing, the windows are thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution and loosened dirt. A squeegee is then used to remove excess water and ensure a streak-free finish. 

Final Inspection: Once the windows are cleaned, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that they meet the desired standards of cleanliness. Any remaining spots or streaks are addressed, and touch-up cleaning may be performed as needed.

Safety Check and Equipment Removal: Before leaving the site, a comprehensive safety check is conducted to ensure that all equipment is properly secured and no hazards remain. Once safety is confirmed, the equipment is carefully disassembled and removed from the area, and any temporary safety measures put in place are also removed.

Outshine is very proud to provide service to the Denver Metro Area from Castle Rock to Boulder, we provide service to the State Capital Complex, Buckley Air Force Base, GSA, Adams County, the Colorado Ballet, and many more.

Do you own or manage a building in Denver? Let us provide you with a free estimate for high-rise window cleaning. Services include one-time cleanings to monthly service.

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While you can buy rope at Home Depot, you shouldn’t get your window cleaner there. Our $2 million insurance policy and Worker’s Comp cushion our certified SPRAT training, which aids us in our high-rise window cleaning in Denver, Colorado. We know what we’re doing (and no, we don’t get our rope from Home Depot either).

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