High Rise Window Cleaning

Private buildings


Do you own or manage a building in Denver? Let us provide you with a free estimate for high rise window cleaning. Services include one time cleanings to monthly service. 

Sky Scrapers


We've cleaned up to 70 stories, and can go higher if you have a building in need of window cleaning maintenance. We are certified to work with swing stages, boom lifts, and to design and utilize rope descent/access systems.

A Stately Job


Outshine is very proud to provide service the Denver Metro Area from Castle Rock to Boulder, we provide service to the State Capital Complex, Buckley Air Force Base, GSA, Adams County, the Colorado Ballet, and many more. 

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The Right Training


While you can buy rope at Home Depot, you shouldn't get your window cleaner there. Our $2 million insurance policy and Worker's Comp cushion our certified SPRAT training, which aids us in our high rise window cleaning. We know what we're doing (and no, we don't get our rope from Home Depot either).  

Yes, We Are A Bit Crazy


We love this job. We love that we get paid for high rise window cleaning! Thrill seekers, yes; but with a purpose. We make dangerous situations safe and dirty windows clean, all while having fun! (that's why we live in Denver!)

Unique Projects


If its hard to describe what exactly you want done, but you know it's "gonna take a ladder or sumthing," call us. We're interested. And yes Denver, we can probably do that.