High Rise Window CLeaning

Private buildings


Do you own or manage a building? Let us provide you with a free estimate. Services include one time cleanings to monthly service. 

Sky Scrapers


We've cleaned up to 70 stories, and can go higher if you have a building in need of window cleaning maintenance. We are certified to work with swing stages, boom lifts, and to design and utilize rope descent/access systems.

A Stately Job


Outshine is very proud to provide service to the State Capital Complex, Buckley Air Force Base, GSA, Adams County, and many more. 

email for a free customized estimate


The Right Training


While you can buy rope at Home Depot, you shouldn't get your window cleaner there. Our $2 million insurance policy and Worker's Comp cushion our certified SPRAT training. We know what we're doing (and no, we don't get our rope from Home Depot either).  

Yes, We Are A Bit Crazy


We love this job. We love that we get paid to do this job. Thrill seekers, yes; but with a purpose. We make dangerous situations safe and dirty windows clean, all while having fun. 

Unique Projects


If its hard to describe what exactly you want done, but you know it's "gonna take a ladder or sumthing," call us. We're interested. And yes, we can probably do that.