Glass restoration and construction cleanup



Does your glass have mineral deposits or staining? We are experts in restoring glass to its original state of transparency. We have over a dozen different chemical solutions, numerous expensive tools, tricks of the trade, and just a few years experience backing up our work. email us your needs for a free estimate. (Commercial and Residential)

Construction Cleanup of Glass

If you're a foreman, or have a similar job, you're probably frantically searching for a window cleaner right now to come give you a bid on your house or building, and possibly start work next week (or yesterday if possible???) and be finished before the big deadline, and have experience, and have the right equipment, and have the right documentation, and be insured, and be good at communicating, scheduling, prep/cleanup of the cleanup, and compromising, with maybe a little bit of above and beyond, all for a fair price. Sound too good to be true? Try us.