Commercial cleaning



Do your customers see your products or your dirty windows? Let us take care of their subconscious mind by keeping your glass cleaned regularly, and your business will instantly improve its reputation!

Maintenance = $$$ saved!


Without proper care for your property things fall apart, get dirty, look gross, hide defects, and make the overall feel of a place seem icky. You care about your building; let us take care of it, and in doing so, you'll save expensive costs down the road and maintain a positive appearance at the same time.



Our techs are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry and several are SPRAT certified. We take safety very seriously, since we encounter some of the most dangerous situations out there. Don't sacrifice safety for price; make sure it's done right!

Mandatory Training

We spend more money on training to make sure we are as safe as possible on your building, giving you peace of mind that your cleaning is in good hands!

Building Entrance

Our new hi-mod Viper Pole. Still has a couple sections left to put out!


How much gunk is there on your solar panels? How much power are you losing because of that?