Best Practices For Window Cleaning In Denver

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 Best Practices For Window Cleaning In Denver

Most people don’t realize how difficult window cleaning is. Nonetheless, many are determined to do it on their own to avoid hiring window cleaning professionals. Outshine Cleaning Services, Inc from Denver, CO

has shared tips to help you become a window washer. We asked these window cleaners how they clean windows and this is what they told us.

A person wanting to clean windows will need to start with a good belt and a bucket on a belt (known in the industry as a “BOAB”). Next, gather squeegees, a pouch for items, towels, a T-Bar washer, and steel wool for your window cleaning kit. These are the most basic tools of a professional window cleaner. Next, you’ll need a bucket to rinse your washer in; make sure it’s big enough to fit the washer you have.

Outshine Cleaning Services, Inc sometimes uses professional window cleaning solution, but often just uses Dawn Dish Soap instead. You won’t need much, about a tbs per 3 gallons, more or less. Mix in the soap after the bucket is full of water or you’ll get excess suds everywhere!

Now that you have all of your professional window cleaning tools in order, it’s time to find some dirty windows! Outshine Cleaning Services, Inc. developed the following window cleaning system over years of experience.

First, you’ll wet and scrub the window with your washer. Next, pick the right size squeegee to fit your window pane. Take just the corner of the squeegee and cut a line at the top of the window all the way across. Dry the tip of the squeegee, then place the entire squeegee on the dry spot you just created, on “the line.”

Pull straight down with the squeegee to the bottom of the window. Dry your squeegee thoroughly. Then, make another straight downward pull, angling the squeegee slightly so that the edge closest to the dry spot goes first. In this way, the squeegee “pushes” the water to the part of the pane that is still wet, until you finish the pull at the bottom.

One thing to keep in mind is the sun. In Colorado, half of which is a desert, it can be near impossible to clean a window if it is in the sun! Outshine recommends waiting until it’s in the shade, using a waterfed pole, or get extremely skilled at turn a squeegee quickly!

Mud storms are also another factor that can occasionally come through and dirty the windows. Water fed poles are the most useful in that circumstance.

Be sure to use your towel to get the edges and frame! Congratulations, you’ve one step closer to being a professional window cleaner!

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